For a girl, By a girl

Glued to mobile and laptop screens

2019-08-03 Tanya RajLife


In this digital era, we are often glued to our mobile and laptop screens , watching others being happy, successful,famous and lovable .. we watch tons of videos and then wonder why am i not like them? πŸ˜” Why my life is the way it is.. we have started comparing our lives with the ones online! Well, i am also not spared from this, even if i try not to compare , my mind goes the wrong way because there are too many perfect lives here! This post is just to remind me and all of you to never compare.. i suppose we all have one roof on our heads and food to eat everyday and even if we don’t have the life we want right now, we have the life we need … So keep hustling and keep growing .. life goes on and one day if you keep trying.. you will get what you want!😍 The people you are comparing your life with are hustlers, they are doing a lot of work to have the perfection and we are too… JUST NEVER GIVE UP.. KEEP IT UP AND KEEP GROWING ALWAYS .. we have got one life!!!! 😘😘😘