For a girl, By a girl



I am Tanya Raj, working in IT company. I started this blog in 2015 to help girls and women in any way possible.

When I started this blog, it’s name was ‘makeup shine’ and then it became ‘makeshine’, well , now you know how this blog evolved its name.

I am an introvert and this blog connects me to the world. This blog is my passion and every article I write on this blog is made of constant research and what I personally believe in.

There are mainly 5 topics that I write about on this blog:

  • Hacks : Everyone love hacks and I am no different. I always want to know a simpler way to do something and you will find me watching hack videos or creating one in most of my free time.
  • Reviews : This is why we started this blog. It is the essence of my blog. I try to give my honest reviews on beauty/ fashion products that I buy and use. If you want us to review something ,please feel free to mail us or directly message us on Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • DIY : I don’t buy stuff , I diy them! This section contains home remedies and interesting DIYs for this things we waste our precious money!
  • Motivation : A few years back, I was sad and depressed. I struggled a lot to become the person I am today. All that happened because of constant motivation in the right direction. I want to help someone who is in that phase right now and seek help because light is just a few words away!
  • Life : It’s all about me, my success, my failures, my experiences and everything that makes me ‘Me’.

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