My DIWALI Celebration(No Crackers wali Diwali)

diwali celebration

It's almost a week, and i am still getting Diwali wishes! Are you getting too? This year,i made a change,unlike every other year,i didn't burn crackers (money :D) .Well,finally i realised that with that money i can help some poor or spend it in good.This is the first time i Review and Recommendation review

Most of you might be knowing a little bit or more about this new beauty website, but i didn't.I recently came across this website and i must say the first impression was quite good.It provides you the products according to your skin type and concerns.It is different from other

6 Weird Makeup Trends Of 2016

As the makeup community is expanding,new makeup trends are getting evolved every single day.Make-up artists try new things beyond our thoughts to bring something new and unique.Although all these makeup trends are awesome,some of them are weird!So,let's talk about those weird makeup trends that we have witnessed and tried in