What To Do When You Are Bored!

what to do when you are bored

Are you bored right now? Obviously (that's why you are here right?) So, when we are bored , we search on the internet for random stuffs, like this one too. But why only open your internet or any social media when you are really bored, why? There are a lot

My DIWALI Celebration(No Crackers wali Diwali)

diwali celebration

It's almost a week, and i am still getting Diwali wishes! Are you getting too? This year,i made a change,unlike every other year,i didn't burn crackers (money :D) .Well,finally i realised that with that money i can help some poor or spend it in good.This is the first time i

6 Weird Makeup Trends Of 2016

As the makeup community is expanding,new makeup trends are getting evolved every single day.Make-up artists try new things beyond our thoughts to bring something new and unique.Although all these makeup trends are awesome,some of them are weird!So,let's talk about those weird makeup trends that we have witnessed and tried in

Be Yourself,Believe in Yourself.

The world,social media,all the person around us tend to change us.They want us to be a certain way to be accepted.I am writing this post because I have dealt through it and I know how it feels inside ,not being myself.The social media today twitter,instagram etc make us believe that