13 Best Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties

nail polishes for dark sin beautie

Dusky or Dark skin can pull off any colour, be it red, brown, black or white. There are no boundaries of colours for dark skin beauties as long as you wear it confidently. But, there are some colours which accentuate your skin colour. I ,being dusky, have experimented with a

Loreal Hydra Fresh Anti Shine Creamy Foam Review

loreal paris hydra fresh anti shine facewash

  If you read my blog frequently, you should have known that i have dry skin. And , most face washes that are available in the market are for oily or normal skin type. It's really hard to find one for my skin type. Thus, to find that perfect face wash

What To Do When You Are Bored!

what to do when you are bored

Are you bored right now? Obviously (that's why you are here right?) So, when we are bored , we search on the internet for random stuffs, like this one too. But why only open your internet or any social media when you are really bored, why? There are a lot

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

side fishtail braid hairstyle

So guys, i think those who know me also know that i am obsessed with hairstyl! And one such hairstyle that i absolutely love is side fishtail braid hairstyle.Easy to do and it takes only five minutes. But, to do this hairstyle ,you must know how to do a regular