Hey You!

Welcome to MaQshine. I am Tanya Raj and this blog is all about things that will make your day interesting.To be specific, maqshine is a mirror of you and a mirror of me.Here you will get reviews,D.I.Ys ,fashion and beauty trends, look books plus a lot of talks between you and me.Writing makes me happy.


I am Tanya Raj,a 21 year old GIRL  who loves technology.

I love make-up,hairstyles, pizza and cats.

I love to draw and paint(i can start this anywhere)

A little bit shy,with a lot of confidence.


I am a traveller ,i can’t stay at home the whole day,i need fresh air and i can roam around for hours without complaining.

I started this blog because i was bored  of my college and I was inspired by the whole blogging world.A year back,i started maqshine to write about the things i love and to connect to the world.

Why the name “MaQshine”?

The blog makes me shine and it will probably make “YOU” shine. I want my blog to help you in a way or the other.

Well,my pet name is also Shine.

If you want to be friends with me or just talk ,you can always message me on any of my social media,i love to make new friends!