About Me


First of all welcome to MaQshine and i hope you found what you were searching for!

My name is Tanya Raj and i run this blog. I started this beauty and fashion blog back in 2015 when i was bored with my college routine. I love to write and when i came to know that there is something called “blogs” that we can create and for free, i wasted no time and created this blog. Through maqshine , i wanted to help women and girls in some way. Gradually over the years , my hobby turned into passion and i am working hard to make this blog worth reading so i can help you and motivate you in some way.

Now the question is , what you will find in this blog?

MaQshine is and always will be by a girl, for a girl. You know that girl to girl talk where we can talk anything and about any issues! You have got a problem, maqshine has got a solution. This blog is a combination of beauty, make up, fashion, relationships and life of a girl. Everyday you will find something new on this blog .

If you can’t find a solution to your problem here, just shoot me a mail (maqshine@gmail.com)

Oh and maqshine has a youtube channel too where you can connect with me in a better way.


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