How to remove stubborn tan fast and why you are not able to remove it?

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So, You are trying your best but still can’t remove  stubborn suntan? I have been there too and spent my first two years of college searching for the best tan removal products . I have tried home remedies , over the counter creams and soaps and what not ? But , you know what , i learnt a lot about tanning while doing this and  i figured out where i was going wrong . Then , i was able to remove my stubborn tan without much effort .

In this post , you will know what are you doing wrong and how you can remove tan .If you follow each of the tips that i am going to give you, you will surely be able to remove stubborn suntan. The most important thing that most of us skip (read all) when trying to remove tan is sun.

  • Sun Rays :

So , you are using a tan removal product and everyday you go out in the sun without taking precaution ? Even if you removed 50% of tan by using the home remedy or product ,it will all go in vain if you go out in the sun. You have to start it all over again.

My tip is to stay inside if possible but if you have to go to work or college or anywhere , i recommend you to put a sunscreen lotion of SPF 30+ or even better try to cover that body part with some clothes. ALWAYS!!!

  • Persistence :

So, you tried a remedy for 3 days, didn’t see any improvement  then you quit or try another and then another . This doesn’t work like this baby, trust me. You will never achieve a tan free skin until you are persistent.

The secret to overcoming this is persistence . Find a remedy or product that you like and then you have to use it at least for 15 days to see any improvement and if you are trying out a home remedy, give it at least 20-25 days to show results because natural home remedies are slow but their effect is permanent.

You can know about the best products to remove suntan naturally at home by clicking here .

  • No Change :

Okay, sometimes, you are using aproduct or a home remedy for a verrryyyy long time and even if you don’t see any result ,you continue using it. One thing that i have learnt trying these home remedies/products is that different things suit different people like ,if we take lemon , for example , many people over the internet say that it helped them remove the tan very effectively but for me , it never worked ( i tried it for a long time……) .

So, you have to discover what works for you the best and that is not a hard task, start with one and then after 2-3 trial and errors ,you will be have that product or home remedy for your skin type. The more you search , the more you get and that’s what i did !

Also , i would suggest you to try natural home remedies to remove your sun tan but if don’t have much time or if you have to buy a product , you should try the ones from VLCC and Nature’s .For fresh tan, VLCC cucumber face pack works the best for me.

I wrote this post on my experience and i am sure if you correct these mistakes , then you will see results really soon . And if you want to know , how i removed my tan then comment below and i will do a full separate post for that . These are the basic mistakes that you must avoid to get rid of sun tan.

I hope this post helped you . Do follow me on Twitter , Facebook  and Instagram for daily updates from blog and if you have any questions then ask them in the comment section below or you can shoot me an email to maqshine@gmail.com , i am forever happy to help you guys.



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