How to remove blackheads permanently from nose (3 Step DIY) | MaQshine

In this video, i am going to show you guys how to remove blackheads permanently at home. This is a three step DIY tutorial which will remove the blackheads and whiteheads in the first use itself. This home remedy for blackheads is a slow process and with frequent and consistent use, your blackheads will start to disappear as well! I have been using this home remedy since a month and now i rarely get blackheads or white heads on my nose or chin areas.

I was sick on the day i recorded the intro and outro so please forgive me for my not so fresh face. I hope you got to learn something out of this video. If you did then please hit the like button and subscribe to maqshine( hit the bell to get every notification and it’s free!)


Also, i am a day late in posting this video because of my wifi connection! Any ways, i am very excited to announce that i will post videos six days per week and the routine is as follows!


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My goal is to help every girl out there in some way. If you have any suggestions for the videos or any request then please leave a comment , i will surely do that especially for you!


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