Intrépide – Before 2017 ends

Here we are, on the last day of 2017! How did this year pass and how fast? As I am growing up, time is moving faster and faster. Is this happening to you too? And on this last day of 2017, I thought of sharing a bit of how my life was this year.  There is a lot that happened this year but as I look back it seems like nothing has changed.

The most important thing happened to me this year is ‘ I GRADUATED ‘.  And, the good thing is I never failed during my college by the grace of almighty god(lol)!  So, I am now a proud software engineer. Yay!

Also, my parents gifted me two cute bunnies on my birthday. You will soon see them in the videos and instagram as well. Right now i am feeding them so they can become a little chubby. And I have named them flash and fluffy!

Flash and fluffy


My personal life also had a lot of twists and turns this year.. I was and maybe still am shy, reserved and somewhat unsocial type of person. But, this year after my college ended, I have tried to talk to as much people as I can, even if I talk rubbish , I still talk  because I have lost a lot of things by being shy and not talking to anyone. I have understood that by talking to new people you make new awesome friends and always learn something new. And, I might send you a hi someday too!

So, I wanted to start my blog’s youtube channel since 2016 but due to the fear of “log kya kahenge” and “what if it doesn’t work out?” , I put this idea on hold but my heart and my mind wanted that since the day I started this blog. I didn’t want money , I didn’t want fame, I just wanted to talk in front of the camera and help people in some way. And , thankfully, on September 13th, 2017 , I officially started the youtube channel leaving my comfort zone and being positive. This is the only thing I am proud of doing this year.

Also, please subscribe to it if you have not yet 🙂

Three important things I learnt this year are : self-love, self-help and self-satisfaction. No one is gonna love you if you don’t love yourself, no one is gonna help you if you don’t help yourself. There is nothing in the outer world, everything is inside us!

I am proud of what I have become as person in an year . Somethings lost , somethings earned. And, without regrets, ending 2017 on a happy note!

How was your 2017, i would love to know your story of 2017!

Also, our channel has crossed 50 subscribers so, congratulations to all of you and me too! And a big thank you who are here with me from the first day, you hold a special place in my heart. Also, Now you  will get new videos 6 days a week that means Monday to Saturday! All the details about this will be updatedn on 1st january 2018 on the blog and the about section of the channel. I hope you will like the videos I will be creating. If you have any request then please let me know , I will do it for you. And , you can review my videos and tell me what you like and what you don’t (i will not be sad or mad for it, haha)

तो इसी के साथ लगता है 2017 पर पूर्णविराम , हम मिलेंगे फिर से 2018 में.


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