10 Weird Hacks/ Uses of PATANJALI Aloe Vera Gel That will Change your life!

uses of patanjali aloe vera gel

We already know aloe vera gel is best in terms of making skin and hair beautiful but patanjali aloe vera gel is much more than that. In this video, i am showing you 10 different hacks or uses of patanjali aloe vera gel that will literally change your life. These patanjali aloe vera uses are pretty simple and you can certainly use atleast one of the above mentioned hacks everyday. I have been using patanjali gel for a lot of different things since a very long time and you should too!

*These hacks will not work for natural aloe vera gel as they are way more sticky and messy but patanjali aloe vera gel is more water-ish and easy to use*

This is by far the best product by Baba Ramdev or, should i say, Patanjali! haha..

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