How to remove sun tan from face and body quickly

How to remove sun tan from face and body quickly

How to remove sun tan from face and body quickly

Hey guys, today i am sharing my secret home remedy to remove tan from face and body quickly. About two years back, i had very bad stubborn tan.I tried almost every home remedy that i found on the internet but nothing worked on my dark tan. Lastly, my ma told me about this natural home remedy and it works like magic.

You will notice a difference in your skin tone after using it for the first time. I was able to even out my skin tone and remove all of my old tan in just 15 days . Since then, i have been using this home remedy to remove my tan when ever i need.

If you have layers of sun tan which is accumulated over the years use this home remedy ,i am 99% confident it will work for you too! This sun tan removal home remedy also removes hyperpigmentation, black heads and small hairs from the face if used regularly.

Watch till the end because you need to see how to use this home remedy properly to get the maximum results. Also, use sunscreen whenever you go outside and drink a lot of water (PLEASE!)

**If you are below 18 years then please take the help of your mother or guardian because this can be messy.

The products which we are going to use are :
1) Milk – makes skin glowing and healthy
2) Methi Dana(Fenugreek Seeds) – Best for hyperpigmentation and dark spots
3) Chironji/charoli (Almondette Kernels) – Chironji is a type of dry fruit and has vitamin C, protiens, Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 which helps in making skin lighter and brighter.

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How to make this face pack :

  1. Take half cup of milk
  2. Add two table spoon of Methi Seeds and one tablespoon of chironji/ charoli
  3.  Mix them together and put them in fridge for 7 to 8 hours.
  4.  After 7  hours mix them in a grinder. It should have a thick consistency and will be sticky

Apply this pack wherever you have tan and you will notice a glow after using this pack for the first time itself. And in 15 to 20 days your skin tone will even out. But it also depends on how old your tan is! It may take less or more time depending on that too.




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