Top 11 Best Shampoos for Winter (For Dandruff and Damaged hair )

best shampoos for winter

Top 11 Best Shampoos for Winter(For Dandruff and Damaged hair )

The winter of 2017 is round the corner .Like every year,  winter will make our hair and skin  lifeless. But, don’t worry , i have come up with the best shampoos for winter available in the market . I have read a lot of reviews about these shampoos and some of them , i have tried myself. I hope you will get a shampoo according to your need in this list!

The shampoos mentioned in this post focuses mainly on common hair problems which occurs in the winter that is dandruff, frizzy hairs , dry and itchy scalp and lifeless hairs due to less moisture. I have tried to give you the best products from least favorite to most available in the market.

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11. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 247 (340 ml)


This shampoo contains borage seeds which helps in moisturising your hair.The keratin components present in this shampoo makes hair very smooth and shiny. The good thing about it is , despite being hydrating , it does not weigh our hair down.

10. Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 135 (180 ml) 

I have used this shampoo this year in January and i can confidently say this it does smooth out the hairs and to some extent controls the frizz. As it has olive oil, it helps in making hair long and strong. It is also paraben free!

9. Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Shampoo:

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 155 (175 ml)

If you don’t know, argan oil is “THE BEST” oil for hairs and this shampoo has it. This is what you need if your hair becomes dry and brittle in winters. But, it is rarely available in stores like big bazaar or other marts.

8.  Himalaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 130 (200 ml)

This is the one for the dandruff-y hairs. It contains tea tree oil, chickpea and aloe vera. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial properties , which is very efficient in removing dandruff . It also has chick pea which is a great source of protien which means healthy and strong hair and finally it has aloe vera which makes your hair smooth and shiny.

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7. Lotus Hebals Kera Veda Soyashine Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 195 (200 ml)

Lotus Herbals Soyashine Shampoo has soya protein ( again protein!) and brahmi which is great for cleaning your hair and giving your hairs very smooth and lusterous look. This shampoo is completely natural so, you don’t need to worry about chemicals.


6. Biotique Bio Margosa Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 159 (190 ml)

From all the reviews that i read about this, it is clear that this biotique shampoo is one of the best when it comes to removing the dsndruff. It can help remove baddest dandruff in a very little time.It is also 100 % ayurvedic and has in build conditioner which makes your hair soft and shiny!

5. Tressemme Spa Rejuvination Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 180 (200 ml)

Tresemme Spa Rejuvination shampoo contains marine minerals and many other nutirents. I have used it too and have got smooth and glossy hair after just a wash. Make sure you use the tresemme spa rejuvination conditioner as well for best results.

4. Matric Biolage Anti Dandruff/ HydraSource Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 220 (200 ml) both

These two shampoos works separately on two main issues of the winter season that is dry and brittle hairs and dandruff. They are very effective in doing their job . If you have dandruff and dry hair then you can use them on alternate days and you will see the results with in a week!

3. Fab India Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 275 (250 ml)

The fab india tea tree oil dandruff control shampoo is great for mild dandruff. It has tea tree oil which help remove any infection that may have developed on your scalp. It also conditions your hair so you get shiny and smooth hairs.

2. The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price : Rs. 795 (200 ml)

I thought  of putting it on 1st placeat first because it is giving a tough compition to the shampoo at no. 1 position . But , only because of it’s price i am putting it on the 2nd . It has ginger which helps in making hair smooth and cures dry and itchy scalp. It removes dandruff in just 3 to 4 washes.

1. Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo :

shampoos for winter in india

Price :Rs. 92(210 ml)

Price wise Best. Quality wise Best.  It works really fast on dandruff , It has tulsi , neem, brahmi and reetha which reduces hair fall and provide moisture to our hair.

One thing that i have observed from these shampoos is that most of them have tea tree oil. So, search for a shampoo with tea tree oil if you have dandruff! These  are the best shampoos for winter  and are very effective. They will help hydrate your hair and make it more manageable during winters! Let me know in the comments below which one are you going to try? I am trying out the Khadi herbal shampoo.



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