5 Best Tips And Tricks For Online Sale Shopping

5 Best Tips/Tricks For Online Sale Shopping

So,  Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale and Flipkart Big Billion Days are coming. And I am really excited because I am a sale shopper! As a sale shopper, I recommend that You must not miss these sales. You guys know I recently graduated and when I was in college, I didn’t get a lot of money monthly except for special occasions. But, I can’t resist buying new clothes   every month( comment below if you are like me!) .

So, I used to save some money from whatever I got monthly and spent them on shopping. Due to this limited supply of money, I searched for sale on different websites so that I could find deals and buy branded and quality clothes and cosmetics for less.

Since the past four years, I have bought a ton of clothes and products for a very less amount of money online. Especially during these huge sales and clearance sales, we can find a very fine product for a lot cheaper price. I have a few tips and tricks that I apply to find deals when I do sale shopping and in this post, I am going to share them with you guys.

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First let me show some things that I bought in sale and the price at which I bought them:

5 Best Tips And Tricks For Online Sale Shopping
I got this LAVIE bag for just Rs.1 Last year in the Amazon Sale!
5 Best Tips And Tricks For Online Sale Shopping
This maybelline lipgloss is also just for Rs.1

These are my top 5 tips and tricks for online sale shopping that you must know :

  1. Join Forums :

There are several online forums and website for deals and coupons that you can join.  My favorite among them is desidime.com . It is more like a forum but is the best when it comes to online sale or deals. You will get to know about new deals  every hour and especially during sale, this website has a list of best deals across the shopping sites. It also makes your work easier as you don’t have to search for what brand has how much discount and on which website. So, before you start your sale shopping , sign up to desidime,right now!

  1. Start Early :

You need to start shopping the time sale starts. By this, i mean that if a sale starts at 12 A.M. then you need to buy things just after that and not after a day or even not after an hour. It’s really important because good stuffs  go out of stock really fast and then you will not get any nicer product after some time. People all over india are trying to buy good products so, you need to be fast!

PRO TIP : This is a really personal trick that I want to share with you. You should shop after 12 A.M. and before six A.M. The chances to get nicer branded products at lesser price is more in during this time. Especially between 2 A.M. to 4 A.M. ,when most people are asleep , you might find something great.

Buy on amazon : Amazon.in

Buy on flipkart : Flipkart.com

  1. Use App:

You might miss the best deals if you don’t have the app of the website. WHY? Because, I have seen now a days people get sale notification first if they have the app and then the website sends a message to your phone and lastly to your mail. So, if you have a favorite website like I have , which is amazon, then , use its app. All their deals will come first on your phone!

  1. Put Discount filter To Highest :

If you love a particular brand and it’s on sale, don’t pick low to high or high to low filters. Choose the discount option and tick mark the highest discount option available. What this will do is, you will get a better range of clothes or any product at the best price and normally, you will see that there are more beautiful range in this section!

Also, if you want better clothes or any products lookwise, materialwise or brand wise then you should change the settings to popularity or avg. customer’s review and you will see the best from the rest!

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  1. Use the COD option :

This is a very small but really important tip. If there is a product which has a very good sale price and you want to buy it, then always buy it by cash on delivery option. I am saying this because many times a lot of people want to buy a particular product at the same time and that product goes out of stock in seconds so, you need to be fast! And cash on delivery is the best option to go for.

Finally, I want to add two simple tips that you should do before the sale starts:

  • Create your wish list beforehand, ALWAYS!
  • Keep your address ready before the sale starts.

These tips and tricks are not only for bigger sale or clearance sales. They will also work on the sales that come regularly on varius shopping websites.

So, these are my 5 tips and tricks that you can use during sale so you don’t miss any good deal. I am going to apply these tips during this sale season and will let you know what I got. If you buy something using these tips and tricks , then please share them with me!


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