What To Do When You Are Bored!

what to do when you are bored

what to do when you are bored

Are you bored right now? Obviously (that’s why you are here right?) So, when we are bored , we search on the internet for random stuffs, like this one too. But why only open your internet or any social media when you are really bored, why? There are a lot of other fun and interesting things that you can do when you are bored.

Talking about me , i get bored every 4-5 hours(i have no social life!!)  so, i need something interesting to remove that boredom. So, from my experiences, i am going to tell you guys what to do when you are bored!

  1. Books :

Reading books is hardest for me because i skip pages, i can’t read every single line but i am trying to change it . You know why because books do not only help you in removing boredom but it also increases your intelligence and knowledge(Don’t worry i am not asking you to read course books, it should be completely different from that!).

  1. Candles :

Hmmmm, this one has to be my favorite! You can light some scented candles in your room and keep all the artificial lights off. You will get so relaxed, i swear guys, try this. And if you are a nap queen like me, you can take a very calming nap too!

  1. Cook-Cook :

Even if you don’t know how to cook or if you loveeee cooking, this is a very effective way to remove boredom. Make a special dish by searching a reciepe over the internet and serve it to yourself and family member .You will see you are happy after doing this.

  1. Dear Diary:

So, how many of you maintain a diary or a journal? Comment below. Writing your heart out in a diary or a page is a great way to relax and remove boredom. Because you will be writing that with all your heart, you will not know how time passed.

  1. Songs:

Sit on a comfortable chair and listen to your favorite songs . If you are like me, you might want to sing along with them too! and some time dance too…..

  1. Photo Album :

Look at your album of old photographs and just remember those memories. The memories with your loved ones, the memories that always make you happy, the memories that you love. I do this once a month and you should try this too!

What do you do when you get bored?

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