Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Palette(Reds)- Swatches, Review And Price In India

freedom makeup lip palette reds review

Till 2014, I was not really a fan of lipsticks but watching a lot of youtube videos and makeup tutorials(which of course i never tried..ahem!) ,i realized that just a dab of lipstick changes the entire look. So, i started by trying a lipstick from Elle18 because i am in college and i am broke.

Eventually, i tried more and last year in December , i purchased the Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick palette which has 24 different red shades after researching a lot over the internet. I found this lip palette on amazon. I think this is such a nice and affordable palette but still there is not much reviews about this palette on the internet.

What it says?

A selection of 24 of the most popular red and pink colours for the lips. Highly pigmented,non-sticky formula for long lasting and intense colour.Containing 8 matte shades and 16 sheer shades for a statement bold colour lip.


First of all i would like to say that this is one of the best lip palette available online for beginner and someone who wants to experiment with makeup a lot. It is travel friendly as well! The container is made of plastic and glass through which you can see through the colours.

Right now , i use only this palette for everyday makeup . One thing that disappointed me about this lip palette is that although all the colours look different on the palette some colour gives the same tint as some other colour . So, i will talk you though all the colours in details and let you know which colour is different and which are same.


The first row has a total of 8 shades and every shade is dark. Colour no. 1 is a maroon shade with a pink tint in it and it is semi matte.Colour no. 2 is a reddish maroon shade ,i mean, it is more like red but will fall in the category of maroon(i hope it made sense !!) .It is semi matte too. The 3rd colour is red which is sheer but looks matter on lips.Colour no. 4 is somewhat darker pink shade with some sparkles in it. It is total matte.The 5th shade is maroon and it is matte too.The shade 6 is a lighter version on shade 4 and is matte. The last two colour that is 7 and 8 shade are sheer and red and maroon respectively.

The shades 1,2 ,4 and 5 looks pretty similar on lips but they look different on palette.


This row has to be my favorite row with all the colour variations and beautiful shades of pink as well.First of all, they all are matte shades. The 9th shade is in the shade magenta. And the 10th shade is fuschia . The 11th shade is in the colour peach. 12th one is a gorgeous rosewood colour! The 13th shade is flamingo. 14th one can be described as rose colour.The 15th shade is punch and the last one that is 16th is in the shade taffy(or bubblegum).

I am adding a picture describing the shades of pink so that you know which colour is what!!

A guide to show colours


This is a same shade row all colours are same (almost on my lips) except the two shades that is  shade number 20 and 23. And by the way these are semi matte. So, the 20th shade is a beautiful rusty shade and on the other hand the shade 23 is orangy red (more orange and less red).

And all these shades will suit Indian skin tone as well. And at this price with so many colours to try out, i think you should buy it! A little dab and you are good to go.


  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • A lot of shades to try out at once
  • Matte!(what else do we want)
  • Stays for good 5-6 hours
  • No smell
  • Doesn’t bleed
  • Doesn’t dry out lips
  • Can be applied as tint as well


  • Almost all of them are matte(for me this is a pro)
  • Many similar colours which are hard to differentiate
  • Available online only


If you are just starting out and want to play with different shades of red then you should go with this palette . It is totally worth it and you won’t be dissappointed!

MaQshine rating : 4.5/5

Price: Rs.1850 (Rs.1750 on ,24 reds, 12g

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