5 Breathtaking Beauty Trends That Went Viral Over The Internet In 2016

weird beauty trends of 2016

2016 was the year of unique and shocking beauty and fashion trends.We saw what we never expected. What these beauty bloggers/vloggers thought i don’t know but i know that they surely entertained us. So,today,i am sharing with you  top 5 breathtaking beauty trends  that went viral over the internet in 2016.Some of them are quite awesome but then some of them are really weird .Without too much talking, let’s see what these beauty trends are which caught our eyes:


From nikkie tutorials to sjlovesjwellery, we have seen this trend on every other beauty channel.Haven’t we? And the products used are so cutely packaged(:p) ,i am in love with all these tutorials but will i try it on me? Well,that means i have to buy a whole lot of kids makeup! SO, NO!!!

                                                          Nikkie Tutorials!

2.)100 coats of EVERYTHINNGGGG!

It started with 100 layers of nail polish and went across all the lines(I think this was the biggest trend!).I didn’t really liked these videos but i liked the last part ,where they removed the 100 coats.If you also saw 100 coats of anything,comment below and tell us which one you loved the most?


3.)Fork Contouring:

If you have a fork,you can contour! Seriously guys,this year the beauty industry has broken all it’s barriers and got into every other industry like food(haha!) But,i think this way of contouring is not easy and it will need some practice.What do you think of this type of contouring? YAY or Less YAY?


4.)Holographic Nail polishes:

It’s more of an instagram trend that is not going anywhere soon.The video looks so mesmerising that i at least watch it once a day(not kidding).Do you love holographic nails? I love them to the moon and back and to the moon again :D.

                                                          Kandee Johnson(Youtube <3)

5.)Bra as Beauty Blender:

Last one but the best one.Who knew the year will end up like this! It actually blends the foundation and concealer so well that i am considering to use it for once.This idea came around when one company introduced such bra-alike makeup blender and now every other makeup tutorial(especially on instagram) have this bra as a blender.What do you think about this?

                                                                           Huda khattan

Well,that was it! DO YOU KNOW ANY MORE VIRAL BEAUTY TRENDS that i skipped?If yes,then comment down below and let us know about it too.

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