19 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

valentines day gift ideas for him


So, Valentine’s day is almost here. It’s already fourth of February and the Valentine’s Day is just 4 days apart. If i have to gift someone something on any special occasion or in general , i go completely  clueless and then i ask friends and search all over the internet for that perfect gift. Does this happen to you too? Of course , we are girls and this happen all the time 😛

So, for this Valentine’s day , i ,as usual , searched all over the internet and got some really nice ideas  . In this post , i am compiling 19 best valentines day gift ideas for him (boyfriend/husband/father/friend)  which i found over the internet with some of my own ideas . If you have any idea, comment down below, and i will add it in my post as well!

  1. Cards:A simple but effective gift to give is cards. If you can make D.I.Y cards , boys love these cute little things that we do for them. Write some genuine words in the card and he might cry as well (not really.. ahemm!)


  1. Pen :


This a very elegant gift if he is into writing or if he has to write more at work. You can personalize them too and that would be great!

  1. Watches :


Watches are a great way to tell him that you always have time for him no matter what. He will love this gift.

  1. Food :

Make food especially for them even if you don’t know how to cook. Learn some easy recipies and try them, i am sure ,he will love it.

  1. Gaming Stuffs :

If he is into computer gaming or some sports like football or cricket , gift him a play station or a  or football anything related to his sports.

  1. Sunglasses :


Who does love to be stylish , he loves and you love your stylish boyfriend. Do i need to say more?

  1. Time :


Men don’t demand more from us like we do . So, why not , stay with him the whole day and watch some romantic movies with a lot of love .I am sure , he will loveeee this.

  1. Personalized Audio/ Video :

This has to be my favorite one. Gift him a song in your own voice or make a video of some old memories with some nice music or your voice over, SO ROMANTIC!

  1. A nice pair of headphones :

You know he likes to listen songs or is a fine singer , why not buy a good earphones or headphone for him this V-Day?

  1. T- Shirt :    

Again , personalized t-shirts would be the best. Everyone likes new outfits by the way!

  1. Make a scrap book :


Again, a D.I.Y , requires a little bit effort but you know what he is going to love it. Take some pictures from past and paste it on the book so that it look like how your love grew over the months or years or how you both changed.

  1. A ring :


Not necessarily an engagement ring but a simple ring. If he is an emotional person, he will love it.

  1. Coupon Book :


This one is quite interesting and fun. You have to write something like half hour free massage or forgive me (he will need this one..make 3-4 coupons !) and give him, he will laugh at first but will keep it because he knows he will need it!!

  1. Shoes:


Because he is running through your mind since the first day you met him!

  1. Chocolates :

What ? He loves Chocolates? Then give him a bouquet of chocolates this valentine’s day.

  1. Photo-frame :

You can put a collage in it or a quote or a heart-felt letter.

  1. Tech Accessories :

If he is a tech nerd or a tech hoarder. Gift him something like a speaker, or a good power bank or anything that is related to tech.

  1. Pillows :


No, not the heart-shaped ones! But simple or cute like the smiley or  patterns.

  1. Key Ring :

If you want to gift him some adorable and small gift , gift him a key ring which is personalized and i am sure he will keep it with forever.

I hope you were able to choose the gift for him. If yes, comment below and let us know what it is?


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