5 Skin And Hair Products I Regret Buying In 2016

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I don’t normally post reviews on products that i don’t like. But , some of you suggested that i should review them so that you don’t use them and thank you for that . I am not going to do a full review but, mini reviews of all the products that i didn’t like in 2016 . In this post , i have included 5 products that i totally regret buying in 2016 !

1.) Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo :


Buying this shampoo was the biggest mistake i have done in 2016. Some friend of mine recommended this shampoo to me. The main reason i opted for this shampoo was reducing hair fall without harming my hair with harsh chemicals .

But i was very disappointed just after the first wash due to two reasons first was, my hair became very limp and lifeless and secondly , there was a lot of hair fall when i combed my hair. Needless to say , i never dared to use that boy again and i wouldn’t recommend any patanjali shampoo to you.

And Kaun sa Milk use kiya ????

2.)  Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash :


This Himalaya Face Wash is for dry skin be it winter or summer , right? And my skin is dry and during winters it’s horribly dry if i don’t take proper care. I started using this face wash this winter in the hope that it will not dry out my skin (like most of the other normal face washes do) .

But , it was a complete disappointment for me as it developed some rough dry patches on my skin after some washes and it took me almost a week to get rid of them . Didn’t expected this from Himalayas and definitely a no for this one if you have dry skin.

3.) Dove Daily Shine Shampoo :


I have used most of their range but it was the first time i tried this range from Dove . I never had any problem with other ranges of this brand but Dove High Shine Shampoo did more harm than care . The speed at which my hair started falling was surprising .

I stopped using it after three to four washes in a hope that the condition will improve but this shampoo is a complete disappointment (my hair is straight and a little bit dry-ish most of the times)

4.) Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara :


My lashes are tending to straight ( an engineer’s way of speaking ..haha) Ahem! So , i need a mascara that curls my lashes and in that hope i bought this Lakme Eyeconic Curling mascara , before that i used Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara which is the best and AFFORDABLE .

This mascara didn’t completely curled my lashes completely as i expected even after 2-3 coats and i don’t know why my lashes got back to straight after a few hours. So, if your lashes are straight like mine, don’t go for this one . I am again using my hypercurl mascara and i don’t think i am changing it anytime soon!

5.) Fair and Lovely BB cream :


More like a foundation , less like a bb cream. Why? Because it’s thick and is not easily blendeable . With other bb creams that i used , they blended into the skin quite easily but you will get whitish  patches when you use this bb cream especially if you are dark skinned .

Also , as it’s shade is lighter than my skin tone , whenever i apply it  and go out , i look like i have some white thing on my skin which of course look horrible . I would prefer Pond’s BB cream instead of that!

I am planning to do this kind of post every once in a while so that you guys know which products are not up to the mark.

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