How to Remove Nail Polish When You Don’t Have Nail Polish Remover

nail polish remover

I am the type of person who doesn’t pre-stock things like i don’t keep 2-3 shampoos or hair oils in my stack . I buy one and when it ends , i ask my friends if they can lend me or buy only if i have no other option. I hope you understood! So, for the nail polish remover ,i require it most of the times at night and you can literally guess that i don’t have it at that times. I recently discovered this unique trick as an alternative to the nail polish remover , PERFUME.

Yes, you heard it right girl. Let’s move ahead and see how to use it.

1. You basically need two things. A perfume and some cotton swab. Also, you must have nail polish on your nails , otherwise it won’t work ( hehe ..)



nail polish remover

2. Now, spray some perfume on the cotton swab generously and apply it directly on your fingernails. Rub it untill you see the colour is gone. The process is a bit time consuming because the perfume is not actually a nail polish remover. nail polish remover

nail polish remover

3. YAY! you’re done.

One thing that you can definitely see from pictures is that some stains remain on the nails but this perfume based nail polish remover trick  works. The reason, why perfume removes nail colour is because it contains acetone which we all know helps in removing the nail polish. This is not as good as the normal nail polish remover but if you are running out of nail polish remover and need to remove nail polish asap , then you can always turn on to this!

And if you try this trick, make sure to let me know if it worked for you or not! I would really love to know.

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