My Life In 2016 & 2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year 2017 Everyone!

I know it’s been 4 days already but i wanted to post this because i wanted to open up to you guys.Firstly ,i am very shy,i sometimes don’t know what to speak when someone stranger or the one with whom i haven’t talked before talks to me.So,there is a little problem of me opening up.BUT BUT this year ,it’s going to change.YES!

First ,let me go through the year 2016.Talking about life, it went in a rush.I don’t really know how it started and how it ended but well.. on a brighter side.I got placed in a multinational company,WIPRO (big deal for me!) Another important thing happened this year,i bought this blog, i shifted from free hosting to self hosting,all thanks to big brother.I am very grateful for all of this.But,something still was not good,in my mind or somewhere..I knew my passion is blogging and helping others through my blog.I wasn’t working hard towards it.I sometimes spent sleepless nights but sometimes not checking my blog for weeks.I was constantly making excuses like-

*i don’t have a good camera

* i have my exams(although i was sleeping)

*i don’t have that much money

I started taking my blogging seriously this december when the giveaway went on.If you follow me on instagram/facebook ,you might have seen me posting regularly since then.I take all the pictures from my phone and post the ones that i think will be helpful to you all in some way( if you don’t follow me on insta my igid is: @maqshine).

I don’t personally believe in resolutions but for this year,i have made some strict rules for myself and i am totally gonna work up without fail!

*I have decided to workout everyday and eat more healthy food.

*Be consistent in blogging and interact more with the blog readers

* Be happy(i get sad easily so no sad face now)

*Stay motivated

So,that’s most of it.I am thankful to all of you who regularly check out my blog and leave comments.I really really love you.And i am really thankful to all of you know filled up the survey form as it helped me a lot to identify what should i work the most on!! And ,if you haven’t done the survey yet,please do it ,i will appreciate it.Here is a link to it:

A 2-min Survey to help me give you the best posts in 2017

I would love to know what are your resolutions this year? How do you stay motivated?

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  1. I’m happy to read your resolutions – even I wish to be happy more & work out
    Your blog changes are really subtle and nice

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