BBLUNT SALON SECRET High Shine Creme Hair Colour(Deep Burgundy): Review,Price and Buy Online

Firstly ,i would like to thank Bblunt for sending across the BBLUNT SALON SECRET HIGH SHINE CREME HAIR COLOUR(Deep Burgundy) to me.My hair is was unprocessed till i got this bblunt hair color.I was always afraid to try colours on my hair as it could lead to hair fall or damage but deep inside me somewhere i wanted to it.And by the time i got this hair color ,i already made up my mind to do it! What made me try it  is the shine tonic which no other hair dye has till now.Let’s start with the review and know about this new bblunt salon secret hair color more.

What BBLUNT says?

BBLUNT India’s Premier Salon,now brings you a unique 3-part hair colour for salon-like gorgeous hair, at home.

This box is our salon’s secret to dazzling hair colour;SHINE TONIC.Enriched with Silk Protien,this special tonic is what your regular hair colour has been missing for so long.

Simply take the luxuriously creamy Colourant and Developer together in equal proportions and add the Shine Tonic.Now mix till smooth for a fragnant,non-drip blend.Apply and Voila!You are only 30 minutes away from epic,shiny hair!

Shades Available:

-Natural Brown

-Reddish Brown

-Blue Black

-Light Golden Brown

-Dark Brown

-Deep Burgundy(my colour)

-Natural Black


Colour,Texture and Price:

The colour of  colourant and developer is off white and  they are both creamy with a little odour. The shine tonic is very smaller in size as compared to the colourant and developer has no colour.It has a gel-ish texture.

Price: Rs.225 199 for 100  gm + 8 ml(introductory offer)


I was a little frightened when i was going to apply it as i was not using it to cover the greys, i just wanted some colour on my hair.I applied the hair colour one day after the hair wash.I first,put on the gloves that they provided with the hair colour.I,then,took equal amount of colourant and developer in a non-metallic bowl(my heart was pounding!).Then i mixed the shine tonic to it(no certain measurement,but less than the other two).The mixture started to turn pink in just a few minutes.I applied the mixture evenly all over the hair by parting leaving the roots.Yes! I was scared ,i can’t see my hair falling so no risk.


You will need half of the tube for the hairs if you have medium to long hair.I then put my hairs in a bun and left it for 45 minutes as directed because i wanted the colour to show.I washed my hair first with just water untill i saw clean water and then washed them with a normal shampoo and conditioner.

I was able to see a slight burgundy colour when exposed to direct light(by the way i have dark black hairs).Normally,you won’t tell if i coloured my hair.I think, i should have kept the mixture into my hair for a little more time for the colour to intensify.Apart from that,i saw no hair fall.My hair was all shiny and soft after it dried.I didn’t expected this!!! I am planning to apply the colour one more time to make my hair colour pop a little more .

What i like?

  • Packaging
  • Decent price
  • Light on hairs
  • No hair fall noticed
  • shine tonic does it’s job
  • not so messy
  • made my hair softer and shinier
  • it’s been 15 days and i can still see the hair colour in light

What i like less?

  • you will have to keep it for more than 45 minutes if you have dark hair

MaQshine Rating: 4.8/5


I would recommend you to try this hair colour aleast once ,if you are planning to dye your hair.If you don’t want to go to salon and spend a lot of bucks to colour your hair then this is definately worth trying.I can’t comment on grey coverage as i don’t have grey hairs but it can surely change your entire look.


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