6 Best Bedroom Decor Tips For A Better Living

Home is somewhere we feel safe. Whatever we do, wherever  we go, the ultimate destination is always our home. And what make home a “HOME” is its bedroom. We dream there, we  love there and we forget all our fears and problems when we sleep in our bedroom. I believe the most comfortable part of our home is the bedroom. Which part of your home is your favorite? Today, i will be sharing with you top 5 bedroom decor tips which will definitely help you to redo your bedroom or create a beautiful one.

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Bedroom, should be decorated in such a way that it reflects your personality and itself. It should be calm and caring. I love decorating my room and i am sure you too! I have been reading  a lot of bedroom tips lately and so, i came up with these useful bedroom decor  tips which will certainly help you to organise your bedroom.

1.Colour combination:

What’s your favorite color? Well , use that colour to fit in your bedroom at a place or two especially in front of bed so that you see it first in the morning. This will charge you up for the whole day,for sure. Don’t forget to mix-n-match the colour of curtains and beds with the colour of your room.

Bedroom: Modern Bedroom by WN Interiors of Poole in Dorset
                                                                                  Bedroom by WN Interiors of Poole in Dorset (designer name: Homify)

2.The Perfume Hack

Don’t keep the perfumes disorganized or under the shelves ,girl! You got it, you show it and show it beautifully. You can keep them on a rack one after one or on the makeup stand on a plate as well. See the pictures :

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Got a lot of things, have a little space? Let me do this easy for you,  make DIY racks or sections that you can place inside your bed or in your cupboard or buy a bed or sofa that have several sections and isn’t just for sitting or sleeping. Trust me these make a lot of difference and saves a lot of space for cleaner and neater bedroom.

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Have laptop chords, mobile chords, earphones, chargers and they are a huge mess lying here and there. Instead make a proper place for them inside a drawer or DIY it, as you prefer. Messy looking cords are never good and i end up having that all the time!!

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5.Frame the wall:

Family is the most important part of our life. We can’t disagree that, right?  And, the memories with them are the best. Be it the best birthday party, or your marriage or the baby’s birth ,all these are so special. Keeping these memory in front of you  always is not difficult. Frame the pictures of these wonderful memories and hang them in your bedroom so that you can see them and feel blessed. This is the favorite part of my bedroom. What’s yours?

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  1. Window to the heart:

Keep at least one window in your bedroom. This will not only relax you after a long tiring day but will keep you connected with nature also. Don’t always keep it closed, open it especially in the morning.you will see a difference.

bedroom decor tips

These bedroom decorating tips are my most favorite. These are the most basic bedroom decorating tips and you can add much more. Which one you liked the most?  Do you have any other awesome idea of organising bedroom? Comment below, i will surely add that into this list.

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