19 Unique Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Must Know

best and unique beauty hacks

Hacks make our life easy.There is a hack for everything,you just have to search for it!Today,i going to  share 19 best beauty hacks that every lazy girl should start doing today,they are all easy plus inexpensive and we ,the lazy people,live due to hacks!Let’s not talk further and see what these unique beauty hacks are:

1.Credit Card  for the Cat eye:

Draw the perfect cat eye look using a credit /business card.It will give u neat and straight eyeliner.

beauty hacks

2.Number 3 for the contouring:

Draw an opposite number 3 starting from the above of your brows going below the eyes and then,second time,below the cheek bones.You will need a a light foundation with a eyeshadow brush.

beauty hack

3.Cinnamon for fuller lips:

Apply cinnamon on lips for just two minutes to get fuller lips instantly.

4.Highlighter for fresh face:

Are you sleep deprived and late for school/college/work?Worry no more,just apply a little bit of highlighter on the cheek bones and on the nose.

5.Tissue for long lasting lipstick:

For lipstick to last longer,place a tissue paper over the applied lipstick and dust it with loose powder.

6.Flame for Gel Eyeliner:

If you are running out of get eyeliner,just use flame to convert a simple kajal to a thick gel eyeliner.

beauty hacks

7.Corn Starch for Nails:

To make any nail polish matte,mix a little corn starch to it.

8.Eyeshadow for hair:

To give your hair a fuller feel,just dab a dark eyeshadow on the corners of hair strands and on the parting.

9.Toothbrush for flyaways:

Spray hair spray on tooth brush and comb little hairs  to tame any flayaways .

10.White eyeliner for bigger eyes:

To fake big eyes,apply white/nude eyeliner on the lower water line and on theinside corner of eyes.

beauty hack

11.Lip Balm for Eyebrows:

If you don’t have brow gel,you can apply lip balm on your eyebrows to stick them in place.

12.Lipstick for cheeks:

Running out of blush,take your favorite pink lipstick and apply gently on cheeks.

beauty hack

13.Nose for parting hair:

To part your hair exactly from the middle,use your nose as the direction as it is the middle part of our face.

14.Chilled water for nails:

To dry nail polishes faster ,dip your fingers in ice water.

15.Listerine for pimples:

Remove pimples by dabbing a little bit of listerine over it.Don’t do this regularly,do this only when you have no time for proper skin care.beauty hacks

16.Conditioner for Shave:

Use hair conditioner before shaving your legs/hands.This will not only smoothen your legs but also, prevent the ingrown hairs.

17.Q-tip for Smokey eyes:

To do an easy smokey eye look,simple line your upper lash with black kajal and smudge it with a q-tip for subtle smokey eye look.

18.Rose Water for priming skin:

Use rose water as a primer for your skin.Spray some rose water on face to close all the pores and to get a smooth and flawless application of makeup.

beauty hack

19.Tea Bags for Eyes:

To get rid of puffy eyes fast,put some used tea bags under the eyes for 5 minutes.Make sure that the tea bags are cold.

I want to thank all those people who have discovered these  beauty hacks.A lazy person like me will do probably all of this.Which hack will you try ? and Which one is your favorite beauty hack? I would love to know your views.





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