6 Weird Makeup Trends Of 2016

weird makeup

As the makeup community is expanding,new makeup trends are getting evolved every single day.Make-up artists try new things beyond our thoughts to bring something new and unique.Although all these makeup trends are awesome,some of them are weird!So,let’s talk about those weird makeup trends that we have witnessed and tried in 2016-


weird makeup

If you don’t have any freckles on your face,make them using eyeshadows because this is the trend!With this trend growing, there came glitter freckles too.They look really awesome but are we able to wear it in our real life?I can’t really imagine.

2.Dark Brows:

weird makeup

This trend is quite a popular one and this you can try on yourself but it’s weird! Imagine a white girl wearing a dark/black eyeshadow irrespective of whatever hair natural hair colour is,that’s a little too over,i guess.

3.Clown Contouring:

weird makeup

I personally love this technique because it enhances my creative skills,but,what about a lazy person who doesn’t want to create these art on her/his face just to contour?Weird enough.

4.Tape Contouring:

weird makeup


This is a Huda Beauty invention!Well,just apply tapes on the areas where you want to contour.It looks easy but isn’t and takes a lot of effort when you first try it,trust me!

5.Leg Contouring:

weird makeup

2016 is the year of contouring,your legs should also be contoured ,not just legs ,your feet also.That means everything must be contoured!lWeirdest of all!

6.Nivea Men After Shave Balm:

weird makeup

This one is new and weird too.Thanks to Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials,now we don’t need a spcialized primer to prep our face,we just need this nivea balm.

There are many other weird makeup trends that are quite new ..some of them are-

I really apreciate these makeup gurus because they put so much effort to try new things.It’s really a hard work to do.I can’t even thing of anything beyond sleeping!

Which of these weird makeup trends will you try or have tried?Leave your coment.I love your comments.

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    1. HAHA!Definately they work..and yes and you can see every second youtuber using nivea as a primer/base too! 🙂

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