Logitech X50 Mobile Wireless Speaker-Why Should You Own This?

logitech x50 speaker

I am obsessed with gadgets that are small,cute and do great things.One such gadget that i own is my logitech X50 mobile wireless speaker.It was gifted by my friend on my birthday.I fell in love with it the moment i saw that.And now,there is no single day that i don’t use this speaker.So,i thought why should i not tell you guys about this cute speaker that you can own and take anywhere.Let’s know more about it.

Logitech has a nice simple packaging.From the front ,you can see how the speaker looks.I keep the speaker inside it when i am not using it.Then,when you open the carton,you get a small round speaker.The speaker comes in different colours but mine is orange and purple which i think makes a really nice combination.

logitech x50 speaker
On the side,there are three buttons,one for volume up with a plus sign,one for volume down with a minus sign and the middle one is for switching the speaker on and off .I forgot to tell you ,you have to connect it to mobile or computer via bluetooth.Just turn the blutooth on in you device then it will automatically connect once it finds your device.
There is also a charging slot from where you can charge the speaker,your mobile phone charger will work(although the company provides its own wire too)!It also has a small round slot which i thought was for headphones/earphones but when i inserted my headphone wire in the slot,there was no tune coming out of it,so,i don’t really know what it is for.If you want to change the device you connected it with,then long press the on/off button and then a sound will come that means you can now connect it with a new device.When you charge it fully,you can play songs on it for 4-5 hours without stopping.

logitech x50 speaker


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All in all ,i love this speaker.It has far better quality than a smartphone or laptop and you can literally feel the music and forget about the world.
There is only one problem,it disconnects  automatically sometimes.

Price: Rs.2495(But it is always on discount on flipkart.
It is great for house parties or small evening parties.You can also use it everyday if you want to,like i do!This is a must buy for every girl who loves music.I love it!

Have you used this speaker?

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