11 Awesome Beauty And Fashion Baby Powder Hacks You Don’t Know

baby powder hacks

Since i  bought baby powder,i have searched about every hack that this baby powder can do.Hacks always make our life easier!Baby Powder is a staple in every home but it is not just for the babies.These beauty and fashion baby powder hacks are amazing and  will save you a lot of money!I tried each one on my self and got results.So,let’s see what are these hacks?

Soothe Dry Skin:

If your skin gets dry easily ,try sprinkling baby powder over the area.The dryness will be gone and you will have soft skin.

Plump Eyelashes:

Yes! you heard it right.You can make your eyelashes look fuller using baby powder.You just need to apply a thin layer on powder on the lashes and then put the mascara.Again,sprinkle some powder and then apply mascara.Now,you are good to go!

Ease Waxing Pain:

Before you start waxing your skin at home,put some baby powder on the area not only to dry it out but also to ease the pain of waxing.The hairs come off way too easily.

Untangle Necklaces:

Okay this is a big problem for all of us! To detangle neclaces easily,just sprinkle baby powder on the necklace and slowly remove all the tangles without breaking your necklace.

 Dry Shampoo:

When your hair is greasy and you don’t have time to wash your hair,worry no more! Apply a few shakes  of baby powder on to the scalp and rub the product thorougly.Comb your hair and you’re done!

Set your make up:

Set your makeup with baby powder.Apply it over the concealer like banana powder.The concealer will stay intact all day and will not crease.

Make your deodorant last:

Put some baby powder on your underarms or anywhere before you apply any deodorant.This will make your deodorant stay all day long.

Remove oil stains:

Sprinkle some baby powder on the oil stains on your clothes. Keep it for half an hour and then wash the area with a good detergent powder.There will be no stains thereafter.

Keep feet and shoes clean and fresh:

If you have a problem of sweating feet or if you are wearing a closed toe shoe without socks.Sprinkle some baby powder in the shoes.Your feet will not sweat also,there will not be any foul smell once you open your shoes.

Sprinkle on your sheets:

In summers,sprinkle some baby powder on to your bed sheets before sleeping.It willl make your sheet cooler and will absorb sweat from your body as well giving you a good night sleep.

Keep lipstick intact:

If you are going for a night out or somewhere you can not reapply lipstick,baby powder comes into rescue!Dust baby powder in between the lipstick strokes to make it last longer and stay intact.

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