Be Yourself,Believe in Yourself.


The world,social media,all the person around us tend to change us.They want us to be a certain way to be accepted.I am writing this post because I have dealt through it and I know how it feels inside ,not being myself.The social media today twitter,instagram etc make us believe that our life is not perfect,so many pictures and status of different people showing their perfect life.Believe in yourself,to be happy and successful.Be yourself.

I,first,want to show you all this picture that I posted yesterday on my instagram(before and after editing).



You can probably see that the after picture is looking nice while the picture i took was quite messy.So,this is the perspective.How you see things ,how you observe things?

Change is necessary.Everyone changes,but what matters is what is changing you? The pressure of the world or social media? I see most of the teenagers want to be like a certain celebrity or someone who is famous.They work hard to become who they are.They work day to night.There is a lot of difference between us and them.

I have changed over the years too.But I wanted to change for myself without being anyone else.Love yourself,embrace yourself.Whoever you are,be the best.You should see someone as your inspiration,but don’t be like anyone.Be like you.

You are unique.You are perfect.If someone says something on how you talk or how you dress, make them disappear.Now,that you can’t see them,you will not hear to them.That’s easy,I guess?

Be Yourself,that’s all you should be.Everyone will love you for being you.You are beautiful and you know that.

All the success and happiness comes when you accept yourself.Just for the sake of world,don’t change.Believe in yourself.Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I love you.

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