Review And Price: BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In-Cream(Dry Hair)

bblunt leave in cream review anti frizz climate control

How are you doing guys? So, i am a hair person who loves her hair more than anything.I have natural black hair and haven’t dyed it yet.I recently got this BBlunt hair cream to try out and i was really excited to try it.This BBlunt hair cream is to tame the frizz and for styling.I tried it in various ways,sometimes to tame my flyaways or to style my hair using straighteners.So,if you wanna know how it worked for me,keep on reading-

What it says?

bblunt leave in cream review anti frizz climate control


Packaging,texture and smell:

It has a really nice black plastic bottle with a pump to take the product out,although mine doesn’t work and i have to take the product out operning the cap,my bad! The textue is mild creamy and the product is white in colour.It is non sticky and doesn’t stays on hands.The smell might be a problem for some because although it’s refreshing,it is not so nice,but when applied to the hair,the smell goes away in seconds.

Review of Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave In Cream:

I have dry ,almost straight hairs so,i need to take special care of them to keep them healthy.One of the major problems that i face is detangling the hair because there is so much static present that the hairs get tangled very easily.And thankfully,this cream does this job perfectly,very less breakage of hair.I take generous amount of this cream apply on the middle and lower ends of my hair because its more rough and dry.It controls the frizz even if its the first day of hair wash  which i love but the staying power could be more.The hair get back to normal frizzy hair after a couple of hours.It may be because my hair is super dry.


I also used it before styling my hair,i curled my hair using this cream.The curling hair tutorial will be up on the blog tomorrow.It makes it so easier tosection my hair and braiding it.I overall like this product.The price is a bit higher than it should be as there are many other serums and creams that work better than this product at lower price.This would work better for medium to oily hair types.

What i like:

  • Doesn’t make hair greasy
  • Light and creamy texture that smoothly goes into hairs
  • No hair breakage or hairfall
  • Removes frizz
  • travel friendly
  • good for everyday use
  • detangles hair fast and easily
  • Good for styling hair like curling or hairdos
  • makes hair smoother

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What i don’t like:

  • Price is a bit higher
  • Effective only for 2-3 hours
  • chemical-ish smell(i don’t like that)

MaQshine Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs.450 for 150g

You can give it a try because there are very less leave in creams available in Indian market and it is also from a reputed brand bblunt.It will behave better for the women with normal hair type.

Have you tried this leave-in.cream yet?If yes,what are your views,please share with us.

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