How To Remove Pimples Fast And Naturally


Pimples are something that almost 90% teenagers have.Mostly it occurs on oily or sensitive skin.The market is overloaded with a variety of creams which claims to cure pimples.Well,i have seen a trend with most of these creams or soaps that they clear the pimples definately but when we stop using them then again pimples attack,also most of them leave scars and for that we need entirely different range of products.So,today,we have come up with some natural tips that will not only help you to remove pimples but also removes all blemishes and the pimples won’t ever come again! As i always say,it’s tried and tested.

  • STEAM:

It is a very common technique that is also very effective.Take one large bowl which has large open side.Now,take some water in it and boil.When there is a lot of steam coming out,take it down and keep your face above the steam for some time(don’t keep your face too close or you may suffer from burns!!) To get maximum benefit from the steam,take a towel aur put it on your head as you can see in the picture.Do this for 15-20 minutes and then splash cold water on your face to close all the open pores.Do this two to three times a week if you have a lot of pimples.


Take some fresh milk on a cotton ball and apply all over your face every night before going  to sleep.Wash it off the next morning.There is one other option too,apply lemon juice every night and let it sit for fifteen minutes.Then wash it and apply fresh milk and wash that the next day.


There are a lot of natural face packs thst cure pimples but i would recommend you to try this simple face pack because you can use it anywhere.For this,you just need rose water and lemon ,apply all over your face aur remove after 30 minutes.It is very effective.To get faster results you can apply daily but lemon can also irritate the sensive skin so if you have sensitive skin use this pack for 3 to 4 times a week.

So ,that’s it! You have to do a little hard work but it is worth it.In just a few months,you will get flawless,beautiful and healthy skin.And beware of those chemicals! Do try this and tell us if it worked for you or not,i love to read your comments and reply to them.

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