My Top 5 Favorite Apps for Editing Pictures(android)

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I am very much obsessed with editing pictures, and not just my selfies, i edit every picture that i click.So,i have a lot of apps that i use to edit pictures.If you follow me on #fame app and have seen my beams then you should know which editing app i use ,to enhance my pictures but if you haven’t seen it,i will be compiling all those in this post.It is really important that if you post some pictures online,it should look good,especially for us,bloggers! And we are not pro in photography so,the pictures need extra care to enhance their beauty.I have an android phone and so,i will be posting apps that are available for the android.Let’s move on and Check out my top 5 favorite apps for editing pictures for android-


Before and after

This is the first photo editing app that i downloaded on my phone.It has a lot of effects to choose from.In total,there are 7 set of effects and in each set,there are 12-13 effects.So,there is a huge collection of effects also,it has red eye reduction and heal effect that helps you remove any useless mark on the picture.With a lot of bookeh effects ,it really is the best editing app for me.Also,it blurs the backgroud,see,it does everything that you need.It also has collage and writing feature which makes it the top editing app.If you don’t have this app,down think twice,download it right now.


2.Lakme Pro:

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This app has been launched recently by Lakme and is the first makeup app developed in India.I also like this app and if you want to apply some virtual makeup on your face,just go with it.It has lipstick,lipgloss,foundation,face powder and what not.It gives you a complete face makeover.It has made my worst selfie look beautiful.



This is the app that i downloaded recently and it has many unique features other that just the effects or overlays.It has a feature that helps us make a small video of 2 to 3 seconds,you can change the time manually.Also,it makes the video in the form of a collage which is really fun and interesting.I love this app only for this.



Snapseed is a simple but really amazing editing app that enhances the colours of the pictures very professionally.It also have a change perspective option where you can straighten your pictures if it’s not.I use this app a lot of times to make pictures look more enhanced and beautiful.It also has a feature to blur the background gradually and according to the object in focus.

Blurring the background



Last but not the least,INSTAGRAM.It has the best set of effects and it is a pro editing tool for me.It has all that a girl needs.You can brighten or highlight your picture or you can emphasize on a certain part of the picture that you want the people to see.It has so many option to make your picture look perfect(perfect in its imperfections,if i say!).

Editing pictures is fun and exciting.There are also several apps like picsart and airbrush and they are wonderful too,you just need to try which apps makes your pictures more beautiful.I also see a lot of apps that makes you fairer,makes eyes bigger and makes your face slimmer,i kind-of hate those apps because they make most of the girls think negatively.Be beautiful in the way you are.These apps are only a way to enhance the quality of pictures not a person.

What’s your favorite picture editing app? Comment below,i love to read your comments.

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