5 Best Hair Colours For Dusky Skin


Now a days, everyone is going gaga over different hair colours.I feel that a hair colour can totally enhance your look.I have never coloured my hair till now but watching most of the bloggers and vloggers flauting thier hair,i was like,i also want to do that! I ENVY THEM.So,i searched the internet to find out which shade would suit me or what would suit my skin tone,i sorted down this would list down to 5 hair colours.Let me tell you first that i have a dusky skin tone so,choosing a colour suiting my type of skin tone is a little bit difficult because if you choose a wrong shade,it will look horrible and you will regret it.But don’t worry! These 5 Hair Colour Shades for Dusky skin tone will not let you down.


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Chocolate brown colour will look best on medium olive skin tones and dusky skin tones.This shade will suit indian dusky skin really very well.If you have hazel or brown eyes,then you must go with it.If you want,you can do brown streaks also.


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The mixture of rich and dark colour of the espresso hair colour suits well on dark and dusky skin tones.This hair colour may not look good on fair women.


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This hair colour can instantly give you a brand new and gorgeous look.It will brighten up your skintone and you will look very beautiful.This is my second favorite hait colour!


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This colour is similar to red colour but it will look very tempting on dusky skin tones.This hair colour is the popular hair colour among asians and indian women.


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I reserved the best for the last.Brunette is my favorite hair colour among all others.It looks so natural and stylish on dusky skin tones.If you have dark black hairs,just go for it!

This ends our post on top hair colours for dusky skin.It is very important to take special care of your hair if you colour them.So,which was your favorite colour?

If you know any hair colour that suits dusky skin,you can always share that in the comments section because i love to read your comments and answer them.

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