10 Proven Home Remedies To Reduce Hairfall Fast and Easily

A lot of women have been asking me on quora about hairfall and how to combat it.So,i decided to write up a post on that and help all of you out who are having hairfall problems.I don’t know if you know this but if your hairfall is under 100 strands a day,it’s totally normal and many new hairs come out everyday.But,it it is more than that then there may be some cause that are leading to hair fall and natural remedies are always the best way to reduce hairfall without any side effects.So,first talk about the causes and then best home remedies to reduce hairfall fast.

Causes of Hair Fall :

1.Stress and anxiety is a major cause of hair fall these days and stress is the most prominent one!

2.Dandruff is one another cause of hairfall.Long term dandruff also leads to dryness and it takes away all the moisture from the scalp.

3.Low Blood circulation may also cause some hairfall

4.You can also get hairfall issues from your family that means heredity.(this one is really hard to combat!)

5.Prolonged medication also leads to hairfall.

Natural Home Remedies:

1.Coconut Milk :

Coconut milk is a cure to every other skin or hair problem that you might have.It reduces hairfall while contioning your hair.Apply it all over your scalp and hair and leave it for an hour or so.Then ,rinse your hair with a good shampoo.This is one trusted remedy for hairfall. Repeat once a week.

2.Onion Juice :

It is also a wonderful cure to your hairfall.Grate the onion and apply it only on the bald patches ,leave for an hour and rinse throughly.Repeat twice a week to see quick results.

3.Rosemary Essential oil:

This oil has got so many good reviews everywhere.Be it men or women baldness,you may see the hair growing out in the very first week.I would personally highly recommend this remedy.

4.Fenugreek Seeds:

Grate fenugreek seeds into fine paste and apply all over your scalp.Rinse after one hour with lukewarm water.It gets absorbed in the scalp well and provide better blood circulation for hair growth.

5.Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk contains protiens.This is what needed for an unhealthy scalp and thus,it reduces hairfall.Just apply it half an hour before rinsing your hairs.Repeat once in two weeks.

6.Banana :

If you don’t know,let me tell you banana helps in reducing hairfall to a great extent.Mash it up and add it with some olive oil.Apply all over your scalp and leave it for one hour.Rinse.Repeat once a week.


Yoghurt is protien rich food.Either apply it on hairs or consume everyday for a healthy scalp and reduced hairfall.You can mic lemon and olive oil into yoghurt to make a deep conditioning mask too.

8.Aloevera Gel:

Oh! Everyone knows aloevera gel and its countless amazing health remedies.Add one more,Aloe vera is great to promote hair growth.It will take time but if you massage your hair regularly with aloevera you will definately see the results.

9.Baking Soda:

Baking soda is great for skin.You can also use it with a shampoo to reduce hairfall and dandruff.


Last but not the least,lemons,where can you not find lemon when it comes to home remedies? Nowhere.Apply it with any oil as oilve oil or coconut oil.This will improve the hair condition and hair fall will reduce.

So,these remedies are best among hundreds of other natural remedies.I have seen people trying them and getting results.Use one of these remedies (not all) and continue it for 2-3 months to see the progress.If you find this post useful,please share.

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