8 Amazing Ways to Use Bobby Pins

Everyday in the life is a challenge,be yourself and face it with full zeal.Okay,i am in a mood of some motivation,i need it right now.

Talking about this post, i am going to share with you 8 amazing ways to use bobby pins that are very easy and fun to do.Every girl owns bobby pins,just to secure hairs into place or to make some beautiful hairstyles.There are a lot more you can do with these bobby pins! So, Let’s check out,what they are-

1.Hold the hair more :


For a better grip of your hair,ignore the usual way.Flip the bobby pin so that the wavy side goes inside.

2.Paint it red:


Haha,not exactly! Paint your bobby pins with any colour you want .All you need is, colourful nailpaints.

3.Hairs hold Hairs:

amazing-ways-use-bobby-pinsGet rid of the simple rubber band  ponytail.Add some drama,once you tied your pony,take a small section of your hair ,twist it around the rubber (so that rubberband is not visible) and secure it’s end with a bobby pin.

4.Shape it till you make it:


Make different geometrical and colourful designs using bobby pins.Some that you can easily make are triangle,square,zig-zag(D.I.Y).

5.Nail-Art :


Use the open end of your bobby pin to create beautiful polka dots and other designs.

6.Pony up:


Give your pony tail a bit of push by propping it with bobby pins.It doesn’t fall out and looks fuller as well.

7.Invisible Pins:


If you want to secure your bangs without showing up your bobby pins,point the bobby pin in the opposite direction of the hair you are pinning back.

8.Chop-chop-chop :


Fake the chopped hair look in front of your friends by using bobby pins at the right places(without showing).

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