What To Do When You Are Bored!


                                                                                Hehe .. plz don’t laugh at this 😀

Are you bored right now? Obviously (that’s why you are here right?) So, when we are bored , we search on the internet for random stuffs, like this one too. But why only open your internet or any social media when you are really bored, why? There are a lot of other fun and interesting things that you can do when you are bored.

Talking about me , i get bored every 4-5 hours(i have no social life!!)  so, i need something interesting to remove that boredom. So, from my experiences, i am going to tell you guys what to do when you are bored!

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Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

side fishtail braid hairstyle

So guys, i think those who know me also know that i am obsessed with hairstyles (check my instagram if you don’t believe me)! And one such hairstyle that i absolutely love is side fishtail braid hairstyle.Easy to do and takes only five minutes. But, to do this hairstyle ,you must know how to do a regular fishtail braid. This hairstyle will look great with ethnic wears and party dresses but you know you can rock this hairstyles with almost anything. Who made the rules?

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Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Palette(Reds)- Swatches, Review And Price In India

Till 2014, I was not really a fan of lipsticks but watching a lot of youtube videos and makeup tutorials(which of course i never tried..ahem!) ,i realized that just a dab of lipstick changes the entire look. So, i started by trying a lipstick from Elle18 because i am in college and i am broke.

Eventually, i tried more and last year in December , i purchased the Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick palette which has 24 different red shades after researching a lot over the internet. I found this lip palette on amazon. I think this is such a nice and affordable palette but still there is not much reviews about this palette on the internet.

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Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Remove Stubborn Suntan And How To Fix Them! (My Experience)

So, You are trying your best but still can’t remove  stubborn suntan? I have been there too and spent my first two years of college searching for the best tan removal products . I have tried home remedies , over the counter creams and soaps and what not ? But , you know what , i learnt a lot about tanning while doing this and  i figured out where i was going wrong . Then , i was able to remove my stubborn tan without much effort .

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5 Breathtaking Beauty Trends That Went Viral Over The Internet In 2016

2016 was the year of unique and shocking beauty and fashion trends.We saw what we never expected. What these beauty bloggers/vloggers thought i don’t know but i know that they surely entertained us. So,today,i am sharing with you  top 5 breathtaking beauty trends  that went viral over the internet in 2016.Some of them are quite awesome but then some of them are really weird .Without too much talking, let’s see what these beauty trends are which caught our eyes:

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast And Permanently(My Experience)

ACNE. This is the most frustrating thing that can happen to us. When it happens , we search here and there ,ask friends to get a method to cure them! Mostly acne occurs on our face due to stress ,environmental changes, food and body changes as well.

There are many creams,  medicines and ointments available over the counters , but they might harm our skin so much. I , instead choose a natural way always to get rid of acne and this post is all about what i have used in the past to get rid of acne on my skin and how effective they were for me! Choose the one that suits you the best –

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19 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him


So, Valentine’s day is almost here. It’s already fourth of February and the Valentine’s Day is just 4 days apart. If i have to gift someone something on any special occasion or in general , i go completely  clueless and then i ask friends and search all over the internet for that perfect gift. Does this happen to you too? Of course , we are girls and this happen all the time 😛

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The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Toilette : Review And Price


was in love with the scent of this perfume

Okay, so The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Toilette is the first perfume from The Body Shop that i ever used. And it was a birthday gift!  You might have seen in some movies where the actress stops in front of a beautiful dress and then goes away with the actor and after sometime , the actor gifts that same dress to the actress (TYPICAL BOLLYWOOD MOVIE ALERT!)  So, similar thing happened with me when i was in The BODY SHOP store and was in love with the smell of this perfume and my best friend got me this on my birthday! I couldn’t be any happier.

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5 Skin And Hair Products I Regret Buying In 2016


I don’t normally post reviews on products that i don’t like. But , some of you suggested that i should review them so that you don’t use them and thank you for that . I am not going to do a full review but, mini reviews of all the products that i didn’t like in 2016 . In this post , i have included 5 products that i totally regret buying in 2016 !

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5 Best Coconut Oil Benefits And Uses For Hairs

coconut oil benefits and uses

When it comes to beautifying my skin and hair , i prefer and recommend one and only Coconut oil. You just can’t imagine the benefits of using it but once you start using coconut oil, you will see the results yourself . In this post , i have compiled 5 best coconut oil benefits and uses for hair that you must try. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should use pure coconut oil, not the hair oil ones because coconut hair oils have many other chemicals that will not help us get the desired benefits and results.

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